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SoulRoots has a specific emphasis in journeying with People of Color and Helping Professionals in compassionate and empathetic vocations who often encounter soul-depleting conditions. If these conditions are left unaddressed, they can result in the perpetuation of trauma and brokenness, as well as the development of compassion fatigue and higher burnout rates.

Individuals who journey with SoulRoots will cultivate healthy rhythms of soulful rest, and develop practices to ground and center their identities as both worthy and beloved by God, preempting soul-depleting burnout in their vocation so they can grow and flourish as they navigate the stresses of life and vocation.


Nurturing your identity as God’s worthy and beloved, so you can grow and flourish.


SoulRoots aims to provide soul care and resources to preempt soul-depleting burnout. Our goal is to equip individuals with skills that cultivate healthy rhythms of soulful rest, along with practices that anchor and center their identities as both a worthy and beloved child of God.


Joel To

Executive Director

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