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A Message from our Executive Director


Welcome to InFocus! Whether you are a ministry leader or a supporter, we are excited to collaborate with you! We exist to enable community focused nonprofits to get their start and grow without being bogged down by administrative red tape and expense. With that aspect lifted we see many outreach programs started, growing, and thriving with joy for the work they have been called into! All of which is made possible by the generous givers who financially support the vision of our InFocus Ministries. 


No ministry is an island. When you join the InFocus family of outreach leaders, you become a part of a unique support system where we all come around you with resources and encouragement to thrive in your pursuits. We know you have gifts and talents, and we want to make a wide opening for you to go the distance and transform lives.


We strive to leave an imprint of generational stewardship where we lead by serving others and giving generously.  Leading by example and showing the joy and impact of generously giving through our time, talents, and resources will inspire the next generation. 


Please contact me or submit our online ministry application so that we can explore how you or your group can join InFocus and invest in the ministry of transformation.


Jacqueline Rae is a writer and popular conference speaker. She is the co-founder of ReImagine Ministry and has served through outreach, discipleship, and interim pastoral positions for several churches. Washington state is home where she and her husband of over 30 years raised their two sons.

Meet The Board.

The InFocus board of directors is made of a diverse group of professionals who have a passion for community outreach and ministry growth. All are members of local churches and serve InFocus for up to six years. They enjoy getting involved personally with the missions of our ministries.

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