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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need an organization like InFocus?

No need to reinvent a wheel that is already rolling! By working with InFocus, you will be free to focus on your ministry while we take care of the administrative tasks and protocols. Nonprofit organizations are highly regulated, and include costs and tasks that will often stop a small ministry from getting off the ground. By joining our experienced group, you have immediate access to resources and greatly reduced costs on items like insurance, websites training and more. You will not pay thousands of dollars to set up a nonprofit of your own. Plus, your donors will have confidence knowing that you are working with a credible organization and their donations are tax-deductible and being used for intended purposes.

Is my ministry large enough to be considered by InFocus?

We do not have a minimum size for a ministry to join our group. We welcome small startup ministries to build momentum while working with us. We will ask you to complete our application and tell us about your plans for funding and sustaining your ministry. You will also need to have a minimum of three (3) Advisory Committee members who are committed to helping guide the ministry.

What do I get when I partner with InFocus?

No ministry should be an island. You will be joining a group of experienced and generous ministry leaders who are a great resource. Once our Board of Directors has approved a new ministry, that group has immediate insurance coverage, nonprofit status, bookkeeping, donor reporting, marketing/networking, online giving platform, accountability, and an experienced Board of Directors who are not just behind the scenes, they are available to you and supportive.

Will I be locked into a contract with InFocus?

No. We understand that plans change. Some ministries are only meant for a short time and others grow to such a level that they decide to leave and form their own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization independently. At InFocus we celebrate that growth as a WIN for our ministry partners!

What will my donors think of me using a “parent organization?”

They will have greater confidence in supplying financial support and may even require that you work with a parent organization like InFocus. Under legal guidelines, we are known as a Fiscal Sponsorship.

Will I still have control of my own ministry vision?

Absolutely! You will have autonomy in how you carry out your ministry. Your responsibility back to us only has to do with issues of ethics, youth protection, and legal requirements because of being a 501(c)3. Communication is key to linking your expressed activities, both on your application and in the field of your ministry, to our vision and purpose.

What policies and practices will I need to comply with?

Because we are all a reflection of our Christian values and we are a part of a larger group we ask everyone to maintain high standards in their personal and professional lives. We act according to our faith in all interactions. Social media should be used with great wisdom as our words and images reflect our priorities and ethics. All ministries must cooperate with reporting and communication deadlines. Youth and senior based ministries will follow a set of guidelines for youth and senior protection.

What is the process for getting set-up with InFocus?

First, contact our Executive Director and indicate that you are interested in learning more about getting started with InFocus Ministries. Additionally, please complete our online Ministry Application. Some information that you will need to supply will include: overview of your ministry plan; how you intend to fund your ministry; names of board members, etc.

What are the costs that I should expect?

We make a point of operating on a lean budget. Working with a group of ministries significantly reduces overhead costs which means we only retain 7.5% of donations. This small percent is retained to cover administrative costs associated with bookkeeping, IRS reporting, website, and maintaining a working ministry. We do not support a large staff or office space. As a large group we are able to obtain liabiltiy insurance at a very low rate. Ask about current rates when speaking to our director. Our goal is to keep as much of the funds in the ministry field as possible.

Is InFocus denominationally affiliated?

No. We are represented and supported by several different church affiliations. We are Community based Christian organization. Ask for a copy of our Core Values and Beliefs.