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Grapevine Ministries


Grapevine Ministries began with a walk through the vineyards of Germany. Eleven years of accompanying vintners, learning about and helping care for the vines made the meaning of Jesus analogy of “I am the vine, you are the branches” come alive. The excitement of discovering these truths soon became a passion to share them. That passion led to seminars in Germany, England and the US.


Through Jesus analogy of the vine and the branches, Grapevine Ministries encourages growth in every season of life as we abide in Christ.


Life has seasons of spring budding, summer growth, fall harvesting, and winter dormancy. In each of these seasons there are also storms. Grapevine Ministries seeks to come alongside individuals in each of these seasons, revealing God’s care and compassion as we abide and are connected to Christ.


Dorothy Moehl

Dorothy Moehl along with her husband, spent 33 years in Austria and Germany coming alongside pastors and planting three churches. Her daily walks took her through the vineyards, and what started as an enjoyment of their beauty, soon became a hands-on study of their growth and care, always with the thought of Jesus’ analogy of “The Vine and The Branches” overriding all she was learning. This led to sharing, teaching, and then seminars.

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