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How do we discern the voice and fingerprints of God in our life so that we are walking in step with The Holy Spirit?


If you’ve ever hungered to go deeper in your walk but felt unsure of how, Deeper Walk can help. Through Spiritual Direction, Space for God Retreats, and Grief and Loss groups, Deeper Walk helps individuals abide in Christ in a way that leads to spiritual fruit. Through Spiritual Direction, individuals are hearing and responding to the voice of God in their lives in profound ways. People chained to their grief are finding healing and joy. Ministry leaders and lay people alike are experiencing the abundant life that God desires for them right now (John 10:10) as they embody the good news of Jesus in their churches, workplace, neighborhoods and homes.


But, I need your help. In order to make Deeper Walk a sustainable ministry here in the heart of Seattle, we need to raise $153,000 annually. This amount covers living expenses, fee’s and ministry costs that come with maintaining this important work.


With your support, we can help people experience God's transformative love, discern the voice of the Holy Spirit and live more fully into their identity in Christ.


Would you prayerfully consider joining us as a financial supporter?


Helping people discern and respond to the voice of God in their lives.


Creating space for people to experience the transformative love of God, discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, and live more fully into their identity in Christ.


Mike Labrum

Executive Director

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