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Harrison and Ericka have been married since 2005 and have 3 beautiful children, Ariel, Isaac, and Kyndall.


Our family has experienced victory through the love that Jesus Christ has given us so we are compelled to share that love with everyone we run into no matter where we are. This has become a lifestyle of ministry for us and we want to not only share this with others, but give them simple tools that will catapult them into a lifestyle of ministry. This way the gospel of Jesus Christ will go to every part of the world. We love to see communities affected and we want to see whole cities transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ through every day regular people empowered by the Holy Spirit. ​


Bringing the power of the Holy Spirit through teaching and activating believers into a lifestyle of ministry, so they can reach out effectively bringing change to their community.


Encouraging and building up local ministries to see the Body of Christ operating in its full potential inside and outside of the church.


Cultivating and launching believers inside of the church to bring Christ to the streets and to the nations.


Harrison Tadema



Ericka Tadema


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