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The small group behind Skagit Connections began meeting in 2019 with the initial idea of meeting a need in this community. The group determined that human dignity, and personal hygiene was being requested by some of our neighbors within Skagit County.


With some research it was determined that a portable shower unit would address one of the more visible needs in our community and encourage the unsheltered and houseless neighbors toward recovery and life off the street. The Skagit Connections group identified that meeting individuals where they are in their journey of life demanded compassion, dignity, and respect. Therefore, it is our goal to build personal relationships and then encourage recovery through empathy and hygiene. Each volunteer at Skagit Connections agrees to grow and love the individuals while meeting and addressing real needs in our community.


Skagit Connections develops relationships and collaboration with our community partners, medical personnel, and other interested parties to serve individuals we encounter on this journey. As we value life and freedom, we will only offer referrals and resources to those who seek care beyond personal hygiene and respect our guests in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. Our defined focus is to encourage hygiene and self care.


Skagit Connections develops community relationships and available resources to encourage the unsheltered and houseless neighbors toward recovery and life off the street. We are currently providing a shower trailer to the communities of Skagit County.


Skagit Connections is looking to develop additional resources and relationships to further encourage the unsheltered and houseless toward sobriety, wellness, and a safe shelter off the street.


Aaron Mountain

Aaron Mountain, Executive Director - has been a resident of the Skagit Valley for over 10 years and is concerned about the homeless and unsheltered in the community. Having previous experience with nonprofit organizations, he is strongly encouraged by the generosity of Skagit County.

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