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By volunteering for several years in a center for children with disabilities in Kigali Gilbert and his wife Esther experiencing how children with disabilities are homeless and malnourished, the idea of Love with actions came to our mind says Gilbert founder of LWA. Having a heart and burning passion to change the lives of children with disabilities is the driving force of our organization.

We facilitate the provision of medical care for our children. We provide support assistance and materials such as wheelchairs, crutches, orthopedic surgeries, prosthetics and braces. We also provide surgeries, education, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.


We believe that through us God is growing a ministry that has long been need for these children and their families. With our own resources, we began to supplement that family’s diet and found several others whom they also started to help in small ways.


Love with Actions’ mission is to stand beside children with disabilities and their families through advocacy, education, training and family empowerment. LWA seeks to overcome the limitations placed on children with disabilities and their families caused by prejudice and misconceptions, so that they can more fully participate and provide leadership in developing a society that loves all children equally.


To assist and advocate for children with disabilities from vulnerable families have dignity within the community by showing God’s love in viable and holistic ways and reduce challenges they face as victims of ignorance and poverty within the community.


Gilbert Kubwimana

Gilbert and his wife Esther have three children they started a ministry to support and advocate for children with disabilities called Love with Actions. 

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