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InFocus was established in 2003 for the purpose of taking all the administrative red tape off the shoulders of ministry leaders so that they could focus on their calling while having the confidence that all the legal compliance, reporting, and accounting are being taken care of with the highest levels of biblical stewardship and best practices for nonprofits.


Today we are 30+ outreach ministries reaching several areas of the United States and five countries. To enable our ministry directors to thrive and to keep their funding going directly into their ministry purpose, we are seeking Strategic Partnerships with community leaders who will support these efforts with financial gifts to help us maintain these resources. Strategic Partners understand that our communities, individuals, and families are better cared for and become stronger members of society through the presence of effective nonprofits working in their area.


Please join us on this mission and become a part of our greater story of providing practical help and hope to our communities.


Our mission is to provide a framework where community outreach programs can get their start, grow and thrive.


To provide practical help, hope, and love through compassionate service. We strive to develop community leaders who are focused on reaching people at their greatest point of need; providing practical help and hope.


Jacqueline Rae

Executive Director since 2017. Serving alongside nine Executive Board Members and over 30 Outreach Ministry Directors. Jacqueline is focused on supporting the needs and interests of our directors and their faithful supporters.

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