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In the fall of 2016 Anacortes Police Chief Bowers appointed the department’s first Chaplain. Chaplains function to provide encouragement, relational support, confidential listening, compassionate care in emergency scenarios, and when sought spiritual counsel for the officers, staff, and families of the department.


The Chaplain is an additional resource person available to be deployed by the command staff of both the Police and Fire departments, in a broad range of emergency, staff, and community relations situations. Our philosophy is that relational connection and trust are the foundation for being an effective personal resource to officers and the departments we serve.


Fidalgo Chaplaincy serves those who serve us by directly investing in the relational, emotional, and spiritual health and resiliency of Anacortes first responders and their families.


To contribute positively to the emotional, relational, professional, and spiritual health of first responders and then departments they represent, so as to encourage effectiveness and resiliency in their careers and refreshment, peace, and laughter in their homes.


Rusty Van Deusen

A long time resident of Anacortes, career youth worker, and pastor, serves as the Lead Chaplain for the Anacortes Police and Fire Departments.

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