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At ElderCare Ministries (ECM) we see the blatant discrimination many of our elders’ face. We recognize the unintended consequences of the way our elderly have been cared for in recent generations.  Many of them to feel they are of no benefit to our society if they’re not currently providing economic value. Nothing could be further from the truth. God wants us to revere Him by the way we respect our elderly.

So many of our elderly feel lost, abandoned, and without purpose. ECM wants to change the status quo and with your help and God’s blessing, we can do it! The solution is to educate the public and activate those with the insight to recognize the need. You probably know someone currently impacted by this. A little help from a lot of people goes far to turn the tide and bring the respect, dignity, and purpose we want our elderly people to experience.


To train and equip Certified Care ChaplainsTM who will develop relationships with elderly people, offering them respect, dignity and a personal purpose for living.


To change the perception of aging by educating the public, lobbying the lawmakers and offering respect, dignity and purpose for the elderly.


Cliff  Tadema

Co-Founder of ElderCare Ministries and Branches. Cliff is the author of The Prayer Adventure, a prayer devotional journal.

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