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Cornerstone Services


Cornerstone Services came into existence after much prayer and determining that Skagit County has a need for additional, no-cost pregnancy and support services for single moms and couples in our community. We are strategically located at 120 N. 18th Street Mount Vernon, WA., approximately 100 feet from Planned Parenthood.


What makes Cornerstone Services unique from any other center or clinic is that we are on the front lines offering hope to abortion desperate women from our own county and from other states. In addition to our administrative location, we will be taking our services to underserved areas via a mobile medical unit staffed by licensed medical professionals. Men and women who are conflicted about their pregnancy will become our number one priority. Cornerstone Services will be the place where those in crisis will find hope and compassionate care.


Cornerstone Services is dedicated to walking alongside women and men to provide evidence-based education about their pregnancy options. Often, women state they chose abortion because they believed they did not have support to continue with their pregnancy. At Cornerstone Services the staff is committed to supporting them throughout their pregnancy and after the birth of their child.


Additionally, Cornerstone Services offers abortion recovery groups for men, women, and couples who have had an abortion in their past. In our abortion recovery group, clients will be met with compassion and understanding when they need it most.


Cornerstone Services also offers a Storehouse where parents can get items they need such as diapers, wipes, new baby clothes, and other household items. FREE labor and delivery classes will also be offered as needed. All services or items provided to men and women will be free of charge.


Cornerstone Services is currently in the process of raising funds to purchase a mobile medical unit. This unit will allow us to provide pregnancy testing, confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound, STI/STD testing and treatment and Abortion Pill Reversal. The mobile medical unit will be staffed by licensed, medical professionals, and all medical services will be performed under the direction and supervision of a licensed medical director.


Please support Cornerstone Services with a one-time or recurring donation by clicking the link above or mail a check to: Cornerstone Services 120 N 18th St., Mount Vernon, WA., 98273. Please make checks payable to: Cornerstone Services.

Let’s be the generation that not only says they are pro-life but is actively involved in the pro-life movement.


If you want to know more, please refer to our contact information below.

Irene Bazan:

Tami Michael:

Office: 360-419-5416


Providing men and women with evidence-based sexual health services in a respectful setting. 


To be a voice for the unborn and to see our community become one that values children and parenthood and rejects abortion as a remedy to any pregnancy.


Irene Bazan

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