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Mattaniah and Ericka have been serving the church in music, preaching, and teaching since before they got married over 15 years ago. Today they travel full time with their five children visiting churches to lead worship, train leaders, and encourage. Mattaniah is writing a marriage book and seminar course, and a new podcast called “The State of the Church” will be released later this year which interviews pastors and other church leaders to share strategies for church growth and discipleship.


( Learn - Grow - Love - Go ) ...and by that we mean to see every circumstance as an opportunity to LEARN and in learning to GROW in bearing good fruit that the LOVE of Jesus would be shared and demonstrated wherever we GO.

VISION see that marriages are more vibrant, Scripture is more revered, the church is more unified, and Jesus is more glorified through bearing good fruit.


Mattaniah Corban

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Ericka Corban

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