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Breathe Pray Worship started as a mantra during the hardest time in our lives- our divorces. It started out reminding each other to just breathe- if all you do today is breathe... you have done enough. Then we would pray, sometimes just crying, sometimes yelling, sometimes begging- but we would press into that relationship with God.


Finally, we would worship- the hardest step. We would take a moment and find something, anything to celebrate. When we celebrated the small things, we saw bigger things to find joy in. Our joy grew. And so Breathe-Pray-Worship is our constant reminder when life gets hard, messy, and uncomfortable. Take a deep breath... Breathe. Pray- even if it's without words Worship...the smallest thing.


Being Present With People Facing Emotional Hardship In the journey through Brokenness, Healing, and into Healthy.


Our desire is to create a sustainable movement of presence and encouragement. We do this by sharing inspirational stories of hope and overcoming, meeting with individuals experiencing hardships, and being present in the mess of life.


SheeAnna Hazel-Dilworth

Director of Breathe-Pray-Worship, writer, coach.

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Stephen Dilworth

Chief storyteller.

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