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There are about two million children living on the streets of Mexico or in orphanages throughout the country. These children age out of institutional living about age 18 and find themselves alone, with no income, no job training and no family support system. In addition to these disadvantages, small town, rural farming areas have limited job opportunities, limited academic programs and limited resources. Facing all these challenges, these young adults find themselves in jail, vulnerable to exploitation or addicted to drugs and alcohol.


BreakThrough gives young adults the opportunity to overcome the struggles they face, further their education, learn a skill or trade and gain the confidence they need to be wise and responsible adults. These small victories in a young person's life lead to overall victories in society including a stronger job market, healthier families and a break in the cycle of poverty!


We provide discipleship, support and housing for young adult as they pursue a higher education, enabling them with skills to achieve independent and healthy living, and that they would go on to lead integrated families.


We desire to see young adults in Mexico come to know the Love of Christ through being part of a loving home/community, and that their lives would be transformed through compassion, guidance and the grace of God.


Ricardo and Andrea Bolaños

Ricardo and Andrea have been caring for children and young adults in Mexico for more than 15 years and launched BreakThrough in August of 2020.

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