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Rising Martial Arts offers donation-based or "pay-what-you-can" classes for all ages, kids through adults. We teach not only practical skills but lessons on positive values such as respect, humility, and generosity in every class. We also incorporate educational activities into our kids' classes along with leadership development and service opportunities.


Many participants and parents have shared that they appreciate how affordable our classes are compared to other area martial arts schools and that they have been interested in martial arts but unable to afford classes elsewhere. Our families have also shared how much they appreciate the values that are taught at our classes. By supporting Rising Martial Arts, you are enabling more families to become part of our caring community and benefit from our program!


Rising Martial Arts uses martial arts and other activities to promote holistic development (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and positive, biblical values.


To be a caring community where our students are nurtured and positive values are promoted through martial arts.


Becky Johnson

Founder & Director of Rising Martial Arts

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