Our vision is for thriving marriages! At Marriage Mosaic we believe nothing is impossible with God. He has brought restoration, healing and new found freedom to our marriage and He can do the same for you. We intend to build up marriages through premarital counsel, couples coaching, as well as workshops and retreats. Let us help you thrive.


Vision: Our vision is to serve as catalysts for a movement of growing, healthy relationships and marriages that experience the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Mission: Exemplify the love of Jesus by modeling, equipping and developing individuals, couples and families for healthy, life-giving relationships for the purpose of influencing and leading others.

Values: We value fostering an environment of grace, which propels us to live courageous lives, not bound by fear or mediocrity. We believe the ingredients that contribute to this environment are:

  • commitment

  • Intentionality

  • humility

  • trust

  • vulnerability

  • rest, play & recreation

  • mutual submission to one another's influence

  • silence & solitude

  • Christ centered

  • emotional health

We offer virtual and in person marriage studies throughout the year and we are available for weekly online and

in person mentoring. Click on our logo to go to our website and learn more about our ministry or find us on Facebook

Marriage Mosaic

Marriage Mosaic

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