Outreach is at the heart of our ministry, its who we are. To us outreach is two fold. On one hand it is reaching out to those in the community who are marginalized, hurting and lost and on the other hand reaching in to the body of Christ and activating believers into a lifestyle of ministry through hands on outreaches.


Every other Friday we head out into the community with a small team and deliver fresh groceries to families in need.


Mission, Vision & Values:

Mission: Bringing the power of the Holy Spirit through teaching and activating believers into a lifestyle of ministry, so they can reach out effectively bringing change to their community.

Vision: Encouraging and building up local ministries to see the Body of Christ operating in its full potential inside and outside of the church.

Cultivating and launching believers inside of the church to bring Christ to the streets and to the nations.


Prayer: This is the life of our ministry. It connects us to the Fathers heart so everything we do is bathed and surrounded in prayer.

Relationships: Connecting with our Father to bring unity into the Body of Christ so that we effectively bring love, life and restoration to the world.

Worship: This brings us into the Presence of God and cultivates His heart inside of us; from this place all things are possible.

Activation: Equipping believers to carry out what God has created them to do so that the Body of Christ can operate in its fullness.

The Uprising Ministry

The Uprising Ministry

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