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Princia invites you to Celebrate with her

Iradukunda Princia came to Love with Actions in 2017, suffering from deformities in her leg that prevented her from walking or standing up. After spending 10 months at the orthopedic hospital to undergo many surgeries to correct these defects, she is now walking upright and is thankful that all surgeries went well. She has been so brave--please celebrate with us she is now back home! She wants to thank you so much for your prayers and your generous support to make all these things happen. Gilbert met Princia and her mother Julienne four years ago when they were sleeping under a mango tree, because they had no shelter. Her father sold the house and left the country because he couldn't manage the shame in the community because of the disabilities of both Princia and her sister (who since has passed away). We have other kids like Princia who are still waiting for surgeries to make their lives better, and we ask that you will keep supporting us to change the future for these children and their families through Love with Actions. As for Princia’s future? The first thing she needs is to go to school! She has a dream to become a pediatric orthopedic doctor to help kids with disabilities! With a little help from friends like you, her dreams can come true! If this idea makes you happy, just let me know! It’s easier to do these things together.

Love with Actions

Love with Actions

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