We really do believe in the reality of both the physical and spiritual worlds, and that the effects of both on your whole life are inescapable. We believe there is a critical need for a more complete view of whole health that integrates both the physical and spiritual influences.

FAITH FUELED is a christian health & wholeness non-profit that teaches a way of health that integrates both the physical and spiritual influences on our mind, body, and soul.

Through Camps, Coaching, and COMMUNITY, we aim to honor and glorify God while helping curious kids and courageous adults learn how to live healthier lives with great purpose and peace of mind!

Inspired by Matthew 12:33 and Proverbs 4:7, we use a simple teaching tree we have developed called ROOTED, FRUITED. This tool combines biblical faith and natural health to reframe 7 root concepts that help protect and grow physical and spiritual fitness:


Better physical health is certainly expected but not guaranteed. More abundant fruit of the Holy Spirit like peace and joy and an enduring faith amidst the inevitable life trials is the main hope!

With humble optimism, intellectual curiosity, and utter grace from God through Christ, we will guide those desiring to live in a way that makes what matters most matter more in this life AND the next!

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