When you join the Bloom Strong Academy you will be entering into an environment of grace and excellence.

In Bloom Strong we start our days out with faith backed by action.

We use the Bloom Strong Legacy Handbook as a tool to develop and document our journey and stay rooted in truth as royal daughters. What you will have access to during your experience with us is a structured, safe, & consistent environment created to help facilitate and expand your God given strengths and gifts so that you can move in confidence and trust God and leave a legacy for generations to come.


  • Personal choice of a one-on-one 20 min call with a coach every month.

  • Weekly Legacy Group Zoom Meeting using Handbook, specific to an area of our life.

  • Bloom Strong Legacy Handbook

  • Fellowship with Like-Minded women in pursuit to know God and find freedomby restoring wholeness and rooting in Truth and who act as the Greenhouse for our Growth

  • Discount on programs and store items to help sustain and empower you in a holistic approach from the inside-out.

  • LIVE Zoom workouts M, T, TH, F-and Unlimited Access to our Pre Recorded Workout Library

  • (HIIT, Low Impact, Core Focused, Cardio, Modifications)

  • Freedom with Food through Faith Curriculum

We believe that true transformation takes a daily renewing of your mind.

We believe that sustaining a physical lifestyle change and result will take working from the heart first and reflect outward.

We believe that staying rooted in Gods word and a supportive community is a major key to ones success and development.

You matter to God, so you matter to us!

Bloom Strong Ministries

Bloom Strong Ministries

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