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CrossRoads Youth Ranch has been privileged to serve at-risk youth for over 2 years and our waiting list is continually growing. Every young person in our program has their own safe adult mentor and amazing horse! We could be busy with after-school sessions 5 days a week if we had our own covered arena! Borrowing or renting arena space is very limiting.


And, along with the after-school mentoring sessions, we are now ready to step into the 2nd stage of our program; the RESIDENTIAL HOMES with wrap-around services for girls who are survivors of sex-trafficking. This 3-phase home environment will provide these girls all of the professional trauma-informed services necessary to heal in a home setting with our loving staff and amazing horses.


We are seeking financial partners to join us in this life-changing ministry. Your faithful partnership will keep the "hooves moving and the hearts healing"!


To empower At-Risk and Sexually Exploited Youth find holistic healing through the client centered, trauma-informed programming.


We at CrossRoads Youth Ranch envision a world where every child is treated with Christ-centered love and dignity. That's why we provide a safe place for At-Risk and Sexually Exploited Youth to HEAL, GROW and THRIVE.


Kim Bryan

Director, Mentor, Horse Wrangler, Writer and Speaker


Don Bryan

Director, Pastor, Mentor, Grounds Manager, Writer and Speaker

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