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Life is often difficult, full of challenges, even scary every now and then. We all need help from time to time. I know I do.


After years of working with people, I’ve found that they can discover their God-given strengths to overcome unhelpful patterns. A sense of failure, hopelessness, helplessness in relationships, or believing “I’m not enough” can become distractions that limit an individual’s capacity for wholeness, making us feel small. It takes courage and determination to seek help, yet it’s more than worth the effort to learn to see our true self through God’s eyes. Acacia Compassionate Care is safe place to leave other’s expectations behind and to be yourself.


Acacia Compassionate Care is a safe place to leave other’s expectations behind and to be yourself. Openness and honesty without fear of judgement is critical for individual growth and change. When I meet with clients I want them to feel welcomed and valued, and to know our conversations are completely confidential.


I believe that, with God’s help, it is possible to become healthy emotionally and spiritually to better navigate life.


Someone once told me that the only thing of eternal value we have on earth is our relationships with others. I have found this to be true. In addition to my work with individuals, I have facilitated workshops, support groups and taught other professionals in caregiving roles. Each of these experiences brought about new relationships that have enriched my life. My relationship with my family has been my greatest joy. I love hanging out with my husband, three daughters, and their husbands, and six grandchildren (they’re my favorite). I enjoy painting, growing things, hiking in the woods and having fun with my friends.


Jean Evanson

Jean Evanson Bachelor Human Services Master Adult Ed Instructor Western Washington University Instructor Trinity University 360-420-0747

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